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Travel Normandy guide François Gauthron offers tours of the Normandy landing beaches, World War II battlefield. Come and discover the most famous part of Normandy where took place the Landing and the battle of Normandy in June 1944 to liberate France and Europe. You will be escorted by a qualified bilingual guide who will show you round the major sites of the beaches. Visit the highlights of World War II sites in Normandy with an expert license guide, first the most important sites of the landing beaches.

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Canadian Memorial

On June 7th elements of Royal Winnipeg Rifles Regiment took over Putot-en-Bessin and established their position along side the railroad.

The next day A Coy move toward Brouay bridge, facing the 26th Regiment of the 12 SS Hitlerjungend. 5th, 6th and 7th Coys of II Pz Grenadiere Abteilung launched their attack, went down town and encircled 3 of the 4 RWR Coys. Running out of ammunitions they use an artificial smoke screen to cover their withdraw. From the west two tanks of the 24th Lancers participated containing the enemy in the village. Then 1st Bn Canadian Scottish Regiment, reinforced with the 1st Hussars tanks, the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa and the 12th and the 13th Regiment RCA regain the village on June 10th.

The Germans lost 98 men and the Canadian lost 256 men including 105 KIA and 45 prisoners murdered at Château Audrieu.