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Bois des Monts Battle

On June 9th, German infantry regrouped about 500 men to move towards Bréville, which is located about 3 miles north east of Ranville and between Le Mesnil and Amfreville. They take the 3rd Parachute and 1st Special Service Bgde positions. On June 10th repeated German attacks against Bréville were made to reach the bridges across the River Orne and Caen Canal. Their movement was stopped by the 9th Bn at the Bois du Mont.

By 11.00 am the German had failed in their attempt and some 50 soldiers dig in 500 yards away, but under the Bren and Vickers firing they were cut to pieces,  Coy A let a German patrol approach to within just 10 yards before they opened fire on them.

On June 11th the 5th Black Watch arrived in the vicinity of the 9th Bn, Their Coy D relieved Coy C at Château Saint-Côme-du-Mont. All the mortars of the 9th Bn and the 5th Black Watch joined by the guns of the 51st Highland Division, pounded Bréville. When the artillery barrage ended and troops start to move in, they were stopped by machine gun fire and mortars fire, The Black Watch pulled back to Château Saint-Côme-du-Mont but lost approximately 300 men.

The battle of Bréville was won on June 12th at a heavy cost: 77 Germans KIA, 162 British KIA, but the 6th Airborne left flank was secured.