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Travel Normandy guide François Gauthron offers tours of the Normandy landing beaches, World War II battlefield. Come and discover the most famous part of Normandy where took place the Landing and the battle of Normandy in June 1944 to liberate France and Europe. You will be escorted by a qualified bilingual guide who will show you round the major sites of the beaches. Visit the highlights of World War II sites in Normandy with an expert license guide, first the most important sites of the landing beaches.

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Easy Green / Easy Red, Easy Red / Fox Green

Easy Green, Easy Red and Fox Green 1st Division and 741st tank Bn sector

First wave of the 1st Division had landed east of Easy Red, situation was correct with the subsequent waves; this unable tanks fo the 741st to support the assaulting infantry. Only five of the 32 DD tanks, of the 741st Tank Bn made shore as well deployed as per the plan at 6,000 yards to sea. Of Coy A with its conventional tanks 11 made shore to east of E-Exit, Le Ruquet draw and west of Colleville-sur-Mer E-3 exit, almost in front of actual cemetery.

Le Ruquet, E-1 Draw, Easy Red

Coy A, B, and C 16th Infantry Regiment came on Easy Red from 07.40 am to 08.00 am, between E-1 and E-3 draws. Coy D's machine guns were dispersed to the other 3 coy and mortars to HQ Coy. Two sections of Coy A landed in front of the actual cemetery, the rest of them landed facing WN 62.

Easy Red and Cpt. Dawson Draw (Cemetery overlook)

Le Ruquet.

3 boat sections landed east of Easy Red, 1 section of Coy E/16th and 2 sections from Coy E/116th, about 60 men veered east and landed with elements of 1st Division Easy Red, two craft sank but men could swam to shore, the lost all their equipment.

A-21C Airstrip.

Coy E/16th came western end of Fox Green scattered over a nearly 800 yard front line. Crossed bands of automatics fire and lost 105 men.

2nd Lt John Spaulding led elements of E/16th to the ruined house, then started to move up the bluff, until they were blocked in front of a minefield.

Coy G/16th landed at about 07.00 am with E/16th and E/116th they took 63 casualties, their advance was paralyzed by minefields, they call Coy A 1st Eng Cmbt bn and Coy C 37th  Eng  Cmbt Bn to open a gap through mines.